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She Was Healed

Shanda Tripp

Left blind from a storm under the crushed rubble of a house. The breath of life from the Holy Spirit prayed into a newborns body. Wanting to give up from the disillusionment of life. Debut author, speaker, and Pastor Shanda Tripp, her famous “mother-n-love” Edith Tripp, and amazing daughter Hannah Tripp share their never before told stories of life, death, despair, and how they overcame.

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About Shanda Tripp

She Was Healed

Shanda Tripp grew up on the mission fields of Old Mexico and Haiti. She has spent her life in service to others. Tripp, along with her late husband, have ministered globally. Shanda founded Love from Music City, a non-profit, determined to change Foster Care in America and serve Orphans abroad. She is a mother, Pastor, Author, sought-after inspirational speaker, and visionary. Shanda has a keen ability to inspire others to make a difference.

Shanda Tripp has a great passion to help women understand they can overcome challenges and traumas in their life with the love and healing of Jesus Christ. She has witnessed hurting, battered, and broken women from every walk of life throughout her lifelong pastoral and mission work. She Was Healed is filled with stories of three generations of women  overcoming unimaginable obstacles and heartaches.

Included are practical and useful healing steps with each chapter that women can apply easily to help them move forward towards inner healing. In addition to this book, we are creating in person and online courses, journals, and workbooks that can accompany the book, as well as a series for helping women heal. We feel this book is needed in a world full of desperate, hurting, and broken people.

In 2000 Shanda married into The Tripp Family, pioneers and one of the most famous in Christian Television and Gospel Music. Her mother-in-law, for the first time, graciously agreed to join us in the telling of her stories to help other women on their road to healing and recovery. Her incredible personal journey alone will, hopefully, help women believe that God is always the guiding, helping, and healing hand in their life.

Her late husband Robb Tripp was a Grammy award winning Producer and musician and together they founded a church in Tennessee. In addition, Shanda founded, Love from Music City, a non-religious non-profit. This organization was birthed out of a 50-year Missionary legacy she had from my parents. “Our focus is homeless children, foster care children, and orphans both locally and abroad” says Shanda. 

Through  Love from Music City organization, we have a tremendous outreach in the Country music world, along with the Christian television world of The Tripp Family. Both are excited about the success of She Was Healed

Shanda founded and co-host, Girls Sessions, which is a Love from Music City weekly show that airs on the Destiny Television Network, social media, and On Demand via Roku all over the world. 

Enjoy Shanda’s mother-n-law, Edith Tripp, daughter Hannah Tripp, share their real-life stories and journeys of overcoming life’s hardships and challenges. They have a big vision for this book and see many opportunities for healing and success for everyone involved.  

Healed From Blindness

After being left blind from an injury, Shanda Tripp shares an amazing story of how God used Christian television in her healing.

She Was Healed


She Was Healed

November 4, 2022

If you knew the value of being made whole, you would pursue it. God’s greatest plan for you can still be lived.